Flatøy Commercial Area

Malands' largest business is located on Flatøy, this is a production plant for oil- and gas products. The entire area has been developed by Frank Mohn (now called Alfa Laval).

Flatøy depends on the excecution of an area zoning Flatøy er avhengig av at det gjennomføres en områderegulering and an associated impact assessment. The plan includes both Midtmarka with hotel and a small scale marine business. Rotemyra is thought to become a larger commercial area with its 50 acres.

E-39 passes through the area. 30 min drive from Flatøy to Bergen city center.

Public Transport

Good bus connections with Bergen city center, direct transit from Flatøy.

Zoning plans

There are services provided to find zoning and other plans related to this area. These plans can be retrieved from Nordhordlandskart.no.

How to retrieve zoning plans for this area:

Check the box marked “Zoning plans” in the left corner. Use the “i”-function farthest to the left in the entry line above the map. Click and drag to mark the area around the chosen business area. The zoning plans will show up in the right corner. Click to open a plan.

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