Haugaland Industrial Park

With 500 ha, Haugesund Industrial Park on Gismarvik will be one of the country's largest industrial parks with a unique location in a national context. ,

It is centrally located by the axis of E39 between Stavanger and Bergen,with a little over an hour drive from Stavanger, and around three hours from Bergen. When Rogfast is ready in 2023, the drive from Stavanger will be reduced to 45 minutes. New and improved pathways along E-134 towards Oslo will in addition shorten the drive towards the east by a considerable amount - as will the drive to Bergen and farther north as soon as Hordfast is in place. T- forbindelsen will result in that the park will also be located in an axis between Hydro Karmøy on Håvik and the Kårstø terminal. Short distance to Haugesund Airport.

The industrial park is expected to be a preferred alternative for establishment of area- and energy demanding industry with emphasis on petroleum related businesses. The park has many qualities that makes it attractive for new establishments.


Gismarvik  port is the industrial park's own port facility. A full expansion of the facility based on current conditions, would entail up to 900 meters of port length and a total storage area of around 16 ha. The first phase of the port expansion was ready in 2011. The port is outsized for heavy loads.

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