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Commercial areas in Austrheim:


Stort næringsområde med sjøfront i Årasvågen, Fensfjorden

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The Mongstad Intersection Commercial Area

Commercial plots measure 42 acres and area zoned as commercial area.

Developer: RAUGSTAD EIENDOM AS Mongstadvegen 1000 5954 Mongstad

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Mongstad Industrial Park is a huge industrial area in western Norway. At its center is Norway’s biggest oil refinery, operated by Equinor. Other large-scale and important players include Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) and Mongstad Supply Base. 

Mongstad Industrial Park has one of the largest greenfield areas in Norway, with a total of 4,900 decares ready for new businesses. 2,350 decares are already zoned, offering a short time to market. This is an excellent place for developing new operations in an industrial environment.

Central property operators in the area are: Mongstadbase Eiendom, Statoil, Mongstad Vekst, Mongstad Terminalen and the mongstad municipalities Lindås and Austrheim. There are also several other private providers, contact us to find out more.

The commercial area is less than an hour drive from Bergen.

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Arealguiden er utviklet og driftes av Greater Stavanger, som den regionale næringsutviklerorganisasjonen i Stavangerregionen. Dersom du har spørsmål vedr løsningen som sådann er det best å kontakte:

Ola Saua Førland
E-post: ola[at]
Tel: +47 472 32 318

Kontaktpersoner i regionene:

Vidar Totland
E-post: vidar[at]
Tel: +47 959 12 970

Inger Kallevik Haavik
E-post: haavik[at]
Tel: +47 404 05 091

Trude L. Rinaldo
E-post: trude.rinaldo[
Tel: +47 489 54 550

Østre Agder
Siri Asdal
E-post: siri.asdal[at]
Tel: +47 995 10 141

Renathe W. Oma
E-post: renathe[at]
Tel: +47 950 15 365

Ola Saua Førland
E-post: ola[at]
Tel: +47 472 32 318

Petter Ellefsen
E-post: pe[at]
Tel: +47 913 03 005

E-post: e-post
Tel: +47

Anja Vatne
E-post: e-post
Tel: +47