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Commercial areas in Lindås:


Sauvågen is a developed commercia area. There is an established commercial area which is used as a garden center, as well as a construction materials store close by.

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Zoning plans

There are services provided to find zoning and other plans related to this area. These plans can be retrieved from

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Hauglandbygget Knarvik senter

Kombinert bygg for deltaljhandel og lager / engros i Knarvik regionsenter

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Knarvik is located in the southern part of Lindås municipality, the area is the municipal center and regional center for Norhordland.

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On Mongstad there's around 3000 work spaces and over 100 businesses today, and the area is experiencing continous growth. The commercial area is shared between the municipalities Lindås and Austrheim.Both of the municipalities have set aside a significant amount of new commercial area, especially on the east side of Litlåsfjellet. There's also room to allow more businesses into the existing commercial area in both municipalities. In total the area measures 7100 acres.

Central property operators in the area are: Mongstadbase Eiendom, Statoil, Mongstad Vekst, Mongstad Terminalen and the mongstad municipalities Lindås and Austrheim. There are also several other private providers, contact us to find out more.

The commercial area is less than an hour drive from Bergen.

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Galtaråsen, Isdalstø in Lindås municipality

The area measures about 75 acres. 47 acres are reserved for commercial area. The commercial area is split into 4 subareas. The site is going to be used for lighter industry, offices and services, as well as outlets for manufacturers and sales of goods in need of larger storage space. 

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The area is currently characterized by some industry, connected for example to the recycling station and stone working. The area is also used for public benefit, and there is currently a skating rink. The area is under regulation, and provision is made for an expansion of the area which will increase the area significantly. This will open up space for new industries.

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Nordhordland Commercial Park

Nordhordland commercial park is centrally located north of Bergen in Lindås municipality by E-39 and Osterfjorden. The construction 500 acres commercial park, with a deep water dock and access directly through E-39, is under planning

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Arealguiden er utviklet og driftes av Greater Stavanger, som den regionale næringsutviklerorganisasjonen i Stavangerregionen. Dersom du har spørsmål vedr løsningen som sådann er det best å kontakte:

Ola Saua Førland
E-post: ola[at]
Tel: +47 472 32 318

Kontaktpersoner i regionene:

Vidar Totland
E-post: vidar[at]
Tel: +47 959 12 970

Inger Kallevik Haavik
E-post: haavik[at]
Tel: +47 404 05 091

Trude L. Rinaldo
E-post: trude.rinaldo[
Tel: +47 489 54 550

Østre Agder
Siri Asdal
E-post: siri.asdal[at]
Tel: +47 995 10 141

Renathe W. Oma
E-post: renathe[at]
Tel: +47 950 15 365

Ola Saua Førland
E-post: ola[at]
Tel: +47 472 32 318

Petter Ellefsen
E-post: pe[at]
Tel: +47 913 03 005

E-post: e-post
Tel: +47

Anja Vatne
E-post: e-post
Tel: +47