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Commercial areas in Karmøy:


Storamyr is located right by FV 47, in the southern part of Karmøy, and is a growing area.

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Karmsund Service Base

Available for rent, Karmsund Service Base - "at the gateway to the North-Sea". Our vision is the build a cluster for oil and energy related businesses. Karmsund Service Base is located on Storasund in Torvastad by Karmsundet in Karmøy municipality. Our unique location, good port- and depth conditions, as well as good infrastructure, makes the area ideal for subcontractors selling support services to offshore and maritime industry. 

For more information, contact Katrine Vikingstad in Viking Consulting.e-mail: kartrine@vikingconsulting.nocell #: 45 80 84 55

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Raglamyr South

Raglamyr is located in the middle of the region with a predicted explosive population growth which makes it a natural meeting place for commerce and business.

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Commercial area by Karmsund Intermunicipal Port Authorities container port on Husøy. Ca. 5 km from Haugesund Airport, and a little less than 4 km north of the intersection with T-forbindelsen. The area is primarily intended for businesses in need of good access to the port.

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Vestheim is an area in continous growth and will, together with Østrem, form one of Karmøy's most important commercial areas.

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Vea East

Vea East is centrally located in the middle of Karmøy.

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Arealguiden er utviklet og driftes av Greater Stavanger, som den regionale næringsutviklerorganisasjonen i Stavangerregionen. Dersom du har spørsmål vedr løsningen som sådann er det best å kontakte:

Ola Saua Førland
E-post: ola[at]
Tel: +47 472 32 318

Kontaktpersoner i regionene:

Vidar Totland
E-post: vidar[at]
Tel: +47 959 12 970

Inger Kallevik Haavik
E-post: haavik[at]
Tel: +47 404 05 091

Trude L. Rinaldo
E-post: trude.rinaldo[
Tel: +47 489 54 550

Østre Agder
Bård Vestøl Birkedal
E-post: bard.birkedal[at]
Tel: +47 481 03 455

Renathe W. Oma
E-post: renathe[at]
Tel: +47 950 15 365

Ola Saua Førland
E-post: ola[at]
Tel: +47 472 32 318

Øyvind Solbakken
E-post: oyvind.solbakken[at]
Tel: +47 905 80 733

E-post: e-post
Tel: +47

E-post: e-post
Tel: +47