Stavanger City Center

Stavanger city center is a typical city and region center with a lot of functions, and is a center for a region with 330,000 inhabitants, and a municipal center for more than 460,000 inhabitants. As a commercial area it consists of the old commerce- and administration center in the inner part, and the areas Bjergsted, Paradis and Urban Sjøfront in the north, south and east.

In a relative compact area, you'll find a retail center with small stores and several shopping malls, a numer of regional culture institutions, and a great number of hotels and restaurants. More peripherally in the center area, you'll find offices and both private and public cultural businesses.

The area is especially suited for businesses providing private and business related services.

There are around 21,400 jobs in the area (2013).

New municipal plan for Stavanger city center will be completed in 2015. It is based on the municipal plan's strategy for the city center:

Strengthen and develop Stavanger city center as the region's most important center for commerce, public and private service provision, culture, nightlife, experiences, and as the region's leading workplace area.

Protect the city center's historical identity as a seafaring-, industry- and wooden house city.

Has several port sections with good depth. The ports are mainly connected to passenger traffic, or they're private.  

Public Transportation
The city center is central to the city and the region's public transport network. Stavanger station is a starting point for Sørlandsbanen which goes from Stavanger via Kristiansand to Oslo. Besides the main railway station, there is also a railway stop in the southern part of the area (Paradis station). In addition, the city center is the base for express boats to Ryfylke, Haugesund and Bergen.

Special Circumstances
Dusavik is the closest port for loading and unloading of goods for businesses in Stavanger city center.

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