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Galtaråsen by Isdalstø

The area measures about 75 acres. 47 acres are reserved for commercial area. The commercial area is split into 4 subareas. The site is going to be used for lighter industry, offices and services, as well as outlets for manufacturers and sales of goods in need of larger storage space.

The area is used for businesses like: industry, offices, merchandise, sales of space consuming goods, manufacturing, storage, and online shopping. Retail is not allowed, except for sales that are directly connected to production-, craftmanship-, or service bussinesses. Space consuming goods is defined as businesses selling cars, motorized vehicles, yachts, agricultural machinery, and lumber/other building materials and sales from gardening centers.

Møn Transport are in Feb 2015 in the process of constructing a building with 3 sections, of which 2 will be up for rent. Møn's email is:

Anders Haugland AS' building in Galtaråsen is ready to be built in 2015. The building will consist of 2 floors. First floor will consist of stores (300 km2), and the second store of offices (1000 km2). The owner wishes the building rented. The total area is 2000 km2. See more information and pictures under "Documents". 

The area also has an 18 acres large municipal plot (Gnr. 137/ Bnr.761). 

Regulation plan
You can find the regulation plan for the area in the right-hand column, under “Useful information”.

Further information can also be found on the “See property” website (this service requires a Norwegian identification number).


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