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Mongstad Industrial Park

Mongstad Industrial Park is a huge industrial area in western Norway. At its center is Norway’s biggest oil refinery, operated by Equinor. Other large-scale and important players include Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) and Mongstad Supply Base. 

Mongstad Industrial Park has one of the largest greenfield areas in Norway, with a total of 4,900 000 m2 ready for new businesses. 2,677 000 m2 are already zoned, offering a short time to market. This is an excellent place for developing new operations in an industrial environment.

Central property operators in the area are: Equinor and Asset Buyout Partners, together with Mongstad municipalities Alver and Austrheim. There are also several other private providers, contact us to find out more.

The commercial area is less than an hour drive from Bergen.

There are around 50 companies at Mongstad Supply Base, with 2,000 employees working in this area. Around 1100 of them are linked to enterprises where Equinor is involved as an owner.

Mongstad consists of four developed geographical areas.

1) Mongstad Supply Base

2) Mongstad Industrial Park

3) Equinor's Oil Refinery and Accompanying Businesses

4) Mongstad Intersection

Parts of 3) and all of 4) is located in Austrheim municipality. 1) and 2) are located in Alver municipality.

  1. Mongstad Supply Base is Norway’s leading supply base, serving 19 fixed installations and on average 3-6 rig operations annually in the Northern North Sea. The base is ideally located on the western coast of Norway to provide optimal conditions for efficient logistics and supply services to the oil and gas industry.
  2. Mongstad Industrial Park consists of service and maintenance businesses within oil and gas. Among other things, the area is home to a derrick, which can be used for courses and training of personel, as well as testing of equipment which will later be used offshore.
  3. Equinor runs a refinery, CHP plant and a crude oil terminal in the area. The world's largest test center for CO2 capture technology is also located in Mongstad.
  4. There are a number of different businesses at the Mongstad intersection, including mechanical and construction businesses.

Greenspot Mongstad
Mongstad Industrial Park is seeking to encourage further sustainable development at the park through the Greenspot Mongstad initiative. This is a joint initiative involving several
stakeholders from a range of industries.

Local players are laying the foundation for green growth, and are specifically looking to welcome new companies in the fields of:
           • Hydrogen production (and its associated supply chain)
           • Battery manufacturing
           • Onshore wind
           • Land-based aquaculture

The site owners’ strategy is to position Mongstad Industrial Park as a “hydrogen hub”. There are plans to build a large-scale hydrogen facility at the site by 2024, in order to produce and distribute this clean fuel along the Norwegian coast. This will generate significant long-term opportunities for the industrial park and its surrounding region.

Heath and power 

In Mongstad there's a significant amount of waste heat, in the form of low-temperature water (16-20 degrees celsius), for new industry players who may want to use of this input. The refinery also has excess of hot water (95 degrees celsius).

BKK is developing new powerlines between Modalen-Mongstad-Kollsnes, and the area will be supplied with further capacity in their distribution gird, which can be used for new commercial developments.

A natural gas supply from Kollsnes to Mongstad is also being developed. In addition to this, you will find: retail, service, meeting facilities, a taxi office, and all other amenities that contribute to making a modern commercial area attractive.

Both of the municipalities have set aside a significant amount of new commercial land. There's also room to allow more businesses into the existing commercial area in both municipalities. Several areas have already had their zoning plans approved, and work is continuously being done to promote new sites.

The commercial area is less than an hour drive from Bergen.

The area has a modern approved ISPS port facility with accompanying storage facilities.

You can find the zoning plan for the area in the right-hand column, under “Useful information”.

Visit Mongstad Industrial Park for more information. 

Zoning plan
Further information can also be found on the “See property” website (this service requires a Norwegian identification number).


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