Søndre Viken / Sarpsborg / Bjørnstad Næringsområde

Bjørnstad Commercial Area

Bjørnstad commercial area is located in between Grålum commercial area (2000 jobs) and Kalnes Hospital (3000 jobs). The commercial areas are almost fully regulated. E6 is neighboring the areas, giving two separate exit options. Buses heading for the hospital runs through the area, giving excellent public transit options.

- Bjørnstadveien 50 is a 0.02 km² sized area fully regulated for office/service, and lies in extension of the Grålum commercial environment. Here one can also experience Inspiria science center and a Quality Hotel hosting a water park. The areas are all directly exposed to E6.


- Bjørnstad commercial park is a 0.064 km² sized area fully regulated for office/industry, closely linked with E6. The commercial park is located in extension of an already well established commercial area.


- Vister commercial park is tightly linked with an established industrial area at Bjørnstad. The area is sized  0.042 km², and fully regulated for construction/facilities. The commercial park is a mere notch away from E6, with two alternative exit options.



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