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Storsandvik Commercial Area

Storsandvik commercial area is located with easy access to FV 565.

Photo: Helgesen Tekniske Bygg

Storsandvik Industrial area is located in the southern part of Radøy municipality. The commercial area is strategically located by the sea and FV 565. In the area you'll find MundalGruppen which, among other things, are involved in the production of subsea products. In the municipal plan for the area, there are plans to improve the road leading to the area, and to expand the area for the existing businesses.

The area has good car accessibility, 40 minutes from Bergen.

The area has its own pier. 

Regulation plan
You can find the regulation plan for the area in the right-hand column, under “Useful information”.

Further information can also be found on the “See property” website (this service requires a Norwegian identification number).


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