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Mjølkevikvarden is a large industrial area in the northern part of Askøy municipality with 1.2 km quay front that can open for new maritime and bio marine activity

     • Electric power through nearby transmission station could be accessed
     • Strategic location close to Bergen

A 40-minute drive from Bergen’s city centre, Mjølkevikvarden will appeal to all industrial actors, especially those in the marine industry.

Several organisations have already begun operations here. Next to them, there is roughly 200 000 m² of levelled land close to the quay front, which is reserved for industrial use. The landowners and the municipality want to expand the site and the quay as an industrial area through ongoing planning and development projects. The area could grow to roughly
1 000 000 m².

The site already has an established infrastructure, including a public quay with a depth of more than 15 meter and a reliable power supply provided by a nearby transmission station.

About Mjølkevikvarden

Mjølkevikvarden and Askøy is located close to Bergen, with a labour force of almost 500,000 people, who have various skills and competences in relevant industries.

There are a lot of large companies in Mjølkevikvarden commercial area, their areas of interest including: production, lumber, logicstics and more.

Mjølkevikvarden has its own municipal deep water dock and ISPS approved port.


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