Lyseparken includes 950,000 m² of zoned industrial space close to Bergen. This location offers innovative possibilities for green and sustainable companies and business models. 

This site is owned by the municipality of Bjørnafjorden. The municipality has ambitious plans to turn this location into an industrial area. The core concept is based on the exchange of renewable energy. The advantage of developing this new site is that the technical and energy infrastructures will be built upon a specific design. With an open ownership of this
energy concept, the municipality and future partners can produce, use, buy and sell energy, as well as develop different sites as sustainable energy units.

The municipality’s plans will also include natural heating and cooling solutions, powered by nearby Lake Vindal. Based on the park’s calculations, the lake can cover the entire heating and cooling needs for 600,000 m² of office buildings. 

The intention of the municipality is to develop a smart grid system that can support the companies in the park, save energy and cut down on carbon emissions. The project includes the use of solar cells and solar collectors that can provide clean power within this area. 

The goal is to create a self-sufficient area by using local, renewable resources. The business model includes establishing a local energy company owned by the users and property owners. The result will be a carbon neutral area. Based on the park’s calculations of local energy resources, consumption and re-use, this model will cover the entire production
needs, heating, and cooling for 600,000 m² of office buildings and businesses.

The municipality has developed a smart grid system that can help companies in the park save, utilise and sell off surplus energy. There are also plans to use renewable energy, re-use energy surpluses and use surplus heat from data centres for heating needs, thereby cutting down on carbon emissions.

The management of Lyseparken especially welcomes companies from industries such as:
     • Data centres
     • Pharmacy
     • Bioeconomy
     • Renewable energy
     • Ocean technology
     • Health and well-being
     • Smart city
     • Creative industry
     • Tourism

A new, 4-lane extension of the E39 national highway is currently being built next to the park. When this new road opens in 2022, it will enable a 15-minute drive time to Bergen’s city centre and a 12-minute drive time to Bergen international airport. Plans for future, sustainable transportation for Lyseparken are currently being designed, in collaboration with a frontier of technology companies in Norway and Europe, as well as the regional authorities. In addition, the park’s proximity to Bergen allows for easy access to a skilled workforce, as well as a range of amenities.

For more information, visit Lyseparken

Regulation plan

Further information can also be found on the “See property” website (this service requires a Norwegian identification number).


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