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CCB Energy Park

CCB Energy Park offers large, industrial areas that are undergoing rapid development. The areas include zoned and greenfield land, with a total of 1,500,000 m2, and will play a significant role on the future climate challenges.

  • Unique opportunities for climate friendly industry
  • National hub for CO2 capture, storage and utilization
  • Hosts the world’s first H2 production from gas with integrated CO2 capture
  • Well-developed industry cluster located by Norway’s main sea route
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Access to natural gas and LNG


CCB Energy Park has been chosen to play a key role as part of Norway’s «Northern Lights» large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project. From 2024 onwards, the site will receive and process large quantities of captured CO2 from across Norway, before shipping it off for permanent storage under the North Sea.

The Energy Park’s unique qualities provide the most interesting opportunities for all kinds of climate friendly industries, with extensive possibilities within large scale production of hydrogen, carbon capture and CO2 utilization and storage and more.

The site is located near the Kollsnes gas terminal, which processes large amounts of natural gas from the Norwegian Continental Shelf. There are dedicated pipelines supplying natural gas from this facility to CCB Energy Park.

During 2022, production of hydrogen from natural gas with integrated CO2 capture is to be established on the premises. The realization of the production is supported by Enova and future large-scale production is a favoured and attractive investment for industrial companies. 

The availability of CO2, H2, LNG and natural gas within the Energy Park will enable significant opportunities for developing new sustainable industries with substantial synergies, such as blue hydrogen, direct air capture of CO2 or the recycling of waste carbon into new products. The Energy Park has a clear focus on making ground for restructuring and creating new products and services.

CCB Energy Park offers an excellent infrastructure, including ISPS quays. This is in addition to a well-developed road network, water supply and sewer system and close distance to extensive industrial clusters at Ågotnes and Straume. 

CCB Energy Park is conveniently located along the main maritime sea lane, only a 45-minute drive from Bergen’s city centre and 50 minutes from Bergen international airport.

The park is 20 minutes away from CCB’s supply base at Ågotnes, which is the centre of an industrial collection of more than 300 companies. Ågotnes will also be the new location for Bergen harbour by 2025.

Site ownership
CCB, together with Øygarden municipality, is currently the most important owner and provider of plots for potential buyers. Visit CCB Energy Park's own website for more information.

Has its own pier.

Regulation plan
Further information can also be found on the “See property” website (this service requires a Norwegian identification number).


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