Haugesundsregionen / Bokn / Knarholmen næringsområde

Knarholmen Commercial Area

Knarholmen is a very exciting commercial area located in Bokn municipality, more specifically, in Western Bokn.

The commercial area is centrally located in relation to E-39 and Rennfast that pass right by. Once the construction of Rogfast is completed in 2023, the area will be very strategically placed in relation to Stavanger and Nord-Jæren.

Currently, Knarholmen has a very active port area. Here, you'll find, among others, Bokn Maritime Center which runs a complete center for goods and services directed at recreational boats and the professional fleet, Rogaland Marine which sells boats, motors and more, Grieg Seafood which specializes within aquaculture, and Bokn Sea Service which is also directed towards the same type of business.

Behind the port, there are also zoned areas for commercial use. In addition, an expansion is being planned in connection to the new municipal plan. The zoning currently not complete.


Inger Kallevik Haavik

+47 404 05 091



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