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Fredrikstad Sentrum

Fredrikstad City won the national award for most attractive city center in 2019. The city is a general commercial area and a popular tourist destination. Great development projects in the city center creates opportunities for commerce and office-based businesses.

Fredrikstad City Center
Fredrikstad is widely known as Plankebyen (The Plank City), a name hinting at a long history of lumber-based industry. The city is home to a large variety of industry, examplified by the 2.3 km² sized industry and port area known as Øra by Borg harbor.

The city was founded in 1567, and the Old Town is Scandinavia's best preserved fortified city, with its moats, cobblestone, old houses, restaurants and cafes making it a popular tourist destination. More than 80 000 patriots live in Fredrikstad, all proud of the Old Town, the city river and associated ferries, in addition to coastal sights with Hankø in the forefront.

A sense of industry proudness is featured in the city center, where the old shipyard Værste is now becoming a brand new city borough as part of one of Norway's greatest city development projects. Fredrikstad is connected with the Oslo - Gothenburg commute by railroad, an infrastructure now undergoing expansion to shorten travel time to Oslo, making it less than an hour.

The city has tremendous and varied commercial and service offers, attracting visitors and shoppers from all over.

Fredrikstad Næringsforening actively works for its member-businesses with a diverse range of activities and opportunities for network building. Visit Fredrikstad Næringsforening at https://fredrikstad-nf.no/



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