Søndre Viken / Fredrikstad / Øra Industriområde

Øra Commercial Area

The commercial area covers 2 km2, including one of Norway's largest seaports, Borg harbor. Home to a rich variety of companies within processing, construction, sustainability, food and mechanical industries, the industrial area has hosted industry for well over 100 years. It's long and impressive history has resulted in one of Norway's leading centers for circular industry, where a large amount of companies are intertwined in an industrial symbiosis.

Øra Commercial Area is close to Borg harbor, one of eastern Norway's most active ports. Nearly 1 billion NOK has been invested in enhancement of ship entry to Fredrikstad. The development of Borg port and Øra Commercial Area is a national commitment. Located within the area is a large quantity of companies working within the environmental sustainability and energy sectors. A complete industrial eco-system has developed here. More than 2 200 people are currently employed at Øra. Even though the area has already been largely developed, there is still room for further establishment.

Companies currently operating at Øra includes (but are not limited to):

  • Denofa
  • Kronos Titan
  • Frevar
  • Norsk Gjenvinning
  • Batteriretur
  • AK Mekaniske
  • Voith Hydro m.fl.


The individual companies cooperate closely; a cooperation that has enabled the establishment of Norsk Senter for Sirkulærøkonomi (Norwegian Center for Circular Economy), with the purpose of further enhancing research and development being conducted by the local industry.



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