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Tananger City Center

In Tananger city center, you'll find a number of stores, restaurant, and service providers. There are also banks and drug stores. The plan area stretches along Tananger ring, all the way to Tananger inner port, and is the center function for Tananger and Jåsund.

When setting up the municipal plan for Jåsund, it was decided that Tananger city center should function as a district center, also for the planned residential areas in the northern part of Tananger.

Public Transportation
Good public transportation connections to Stavanger.

The airport for the Stavanger region is located in Sola municipality. It takes 10 minutes to drive from Tananger city center to the airport.

Risavika Port is a few minutes drive away from the city center. The port area is one of Norway's most modern deep water docks.

Tananger city center is under development, and a new regulation plan is under its second processing. New buildings are being planned, with concentrated ground area, and an increased floor count and building height. The zoning plan will contribute to Tananger becoming a strong and active city center for current and future inhabitants of the area, and make Tananger city center to a robust and competitive municipal center. Tananger's  distinctive qualities should be preserved and further developed, with special focus on the maritime history and identity, as well as architectural environment.


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