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Jåttåvågen - a commercial and city renewal area by the sea and the main public axis between Stavanger and Sandnes.

The area is under reconstruction/transformation from industrial to a mixture of business, residential and center functions. The transformation area is being developed in accordance with its own municipal plan with concentrated development areas and open green areas. In 2013 there were about 5300 jobs in the area. There is an ongoing construction of office buildings. Aker Solution's is the biggest office business in the area with over 40, 000 m² offices in the first stage.

The Area Plan "Jåttåvågen 2", which was enacted in 2012, regulates the second development stage in the area. This plan paves the way for commercial space/offices, local services, housing, kindergartens and a public pool/swimming facility. In tota, it includes the an allowable usable area of ca. 245 000 m² BRA excluding parking, of which housing portion represents about 50%. There is an allocated area for a future public pool. The plan requires detailed regulation of subfields before the applying for action.

Public Transportation
Jåttåvågen is located right by the sea, central to the main public axis between Stavanger and Sandnes. The public transport accessibility is very good, with both a railway station and a frequent bus service in the area. In addition, the distance to E-39 is short.


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